Cathedrals / TBD 15

This solution is a poster promoting the appearance of the Cathedrals at TBD Fest 2015. The poster is part of a series created by local designers and artists to promote the annual music festival. This project involved printing over 10 (I lost track) different colors via hand pulled silk screen. A very limited edition was produced. The concept grows out of the idea of the group at its core is a duo, and then I expanded on a statement that the band regularly uses as a description for themselves “a bouquet of roses blooming in the night”. The use of different color paper stocks helps change the poster as the colors interact with the background differently for each one. Color is very desaturated at night under the moonlight. It was a challenge to work with light, almost pastel colors, while still trying to create the impact a poster should. I used the transparency of the ink and a number of layers to build up the impact needed.That and skulls never hurt.

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